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EquiCollector™ addresses several key areas. For collection maintenance, it automatically interfaces with the EquiAssessor™, and handles all added taxes, abated taxes, protested taxes, and refunds. It also posts collections in real-time or batch mode, and gives a history of taxes, payments, penalties, and interest for each parcel/record. Tax billing, apportioning, delinquencies, and tax sales are also included.

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Real property Personal property Payments Court Ordered Change
Real Property Collection Personal Property Collector Collection Payments Utility Court Order Change

Collection Maintenance

  • Automatically interfaces with the Assessment module in EquiAssessor™
  • Inquiry or payment by property number, receipt number, owner name, or bar code
  • List of all current and delinquent taxes alphabetically and by property number
  • Handles added taxes, abated taxes, protested taxes, and refunds
  • Real-time or batch posting of collections
  • Daily, monthly, and yearly collection reports
  • History of all taxes, payments, penalties, and interest for each parcel/record

Tax Billing

  • Tax statements provide tax amounts, levy details, and delinquent information
  • Personal property statements provide detailed vehicle listing
  • Real estate statements provide detailed property description


  • Reports with breakdown by tax authority
  • Prints Disbursement checks (available soon)
  • Lender Code Reports

Delinquent Tax Maintenance

  • Delinquent Reports
  • Automatic Delinquent Notices
  • Handles interest and penalty amounts

Tax Sale

  • Prints Certificates of Tax Sale and Redemption Certificates (available soon)
  • Prepares tax sale properties for advertisement
  • Tracks Collector Deed information (available soon)


  • Annual updating of Taxing Authority levies
  • Extension of Levies
  • Taxing Authority Valuation Reporting
  • Shift of property records from Assessor to Collector
  • Court Order change Maintenance and Reporting
  • Form 11 and 11A information
  • Rail Road and Utilities

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